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Mountain View, AR

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A Little About Us

Jeff Dobbins was born and raised in Arkansas. From the age of 9 he has lived in the small town of Mountain View located in North Central Arkansas.

Lori Dobbins was born near Chicago, Illinois. Her family moved to Arkansas when she was 14. There she met Jeff and they became sweethearts and have been together ever since. In 1978, while in college, Jeff and Lori married. In Jeff’s senior year, their oldest son was born. After college, Jeff and Lori moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas where Jeff attended Law school. While in Law school, two more sons were born.

After completing Law school, Jeff, Lori, and their three boys moved back to Mountain View to open a law practice and raise their family. Lori is his office manager so they are together every day. Although Jeff and Lori have loved to bow hunt for years, raising a family and running a law practice limited their hunts. Around 1994 they started going on a few hunts each year. Their passion for the sport grew and in 1998 this passion led them to create Dobbins Outdoor Adventures. They produce their own bow hunting video series entitled “Double Trouble”. They are always hunting together, one behind the bow and the other behind the camera. You can always find them somewhere chasing some critter with bow and arrow.

In 2005 their youngest son, Jake, joined Dobbins Outdoor Adventures. With a young growing family, he doesn’t get to hunt as much as he would like but when he does he makes the most of it. Jake’s first buck taken with a bow is on the “Double Trouble 2” DVD and you can check out some of his recent hunts on DOA’s newest video “Double Trouble at Full Draw”.

"I have been so blessed to go on the quality hunts I have been on. And, I get to share those adventures with my wife. I believe my heart pounds just as hard when Lori is hunting and I’m behind the camera. Now we have the awesome privilege of hunting with our son and daughter-in-law. Once you get bitten by the bowhunting bug there is no cure. Thank Goodness!!” Jeff Dobbins

"Archery is a great sport! Anyone out there who wants to find something to do with the whole family needs to consider archery. There is no age limit. To be able to spend more time with your family, whether bow hunting, 3-D shooting or target shooting, is a true blessing. I thank God for the opportunities that archery has given to me and my family.” Lori Dobbins