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DOA Videos

$11.95 for the first DVD with $2.99 shipping,  Each additional video is $11.95 with FREE shipping. Order your copy of these exciting bow hunting videos today!

Double Trouble II
Every whitetail hunter will be in awe of the up close, full impact shots in this video. Jeff & Lori Dobbins have gone to the max to bring you some of the most awesome harvests on video. They will blow you away when they take a 200"+ mule deer  buck from less than ten yards. Lori beats that when she takes a shot at less than three yards! As always, you will see spot and stalk, treestand and ground blind hunts from across America. A must have for your hunting video collection. 13 amazing hunts for whitetail and mule deer and a bonus muzzle loader hunt! 100% Wild!
DVD, approximately 100 minutes.

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Double Trouble At Full Draw
Don’t stop bowhunting after deer season! Come join Jeff and Lori, their son and daughter-in-law, Jake and Amanda, and other close friends as they take you on 100 minutes of pure bowhunting action. From the mountains of Canada to the brush country of South Texas you’ll join them as they chase Buffalo, Bear, Aoudad, Javelina, Hogs and other Exotics. You’ll be amazed as you see them go “Full Draw” on over twenty hunts. These up close, full impact shots will blow you away!   If you love bowhunters at  Full Draw, you’ll want this video!
DVD, approximately 100 minutes.

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Double Trouble
Join Jeff and Lori for 82 minutes of heart-pounding nonstop bow hunting  action as they pursue the Whitetail and Mule Deer. You’ll see 12 awesome fair chase hunts with 9 harvests from Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, and Texas. This video includes hunts from tree stands, ground blinds and by spot and stalk.  "This is bowhunting as it really is. You'll see the hits and the misses."

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Double Trouble In Africa
Join Jeff and Lori Dobbins as they bow hunt the "Dark Continent." You'll feel like you're right beside them as you watch this awesome footage. Witness Jeff and Lori harvest 11 animals, including Kudu, Nyala, Wildebeast, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, Impala, Warthog, and Zebra.See close "over the shoulder" shots from elevated blinds and the heart pounding eye level action from pit blinds. If you love action packed bow hunting, this one is for you.
DVD approximately 82 minutes.

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